Snow Days!

The children came back to school today excited to tell their stories of their adventures over the last 5 days of snow we’ve had.

On the Tuesday before school was closed we had a snowball fight on the big field at lunch time which the children really enjoyed.

We’ve had tales of snowmen, snow animals and snow angels that they have made, as well as stories of how high the snow was around the snow was around their house, so that they couldn’t drive anywhere.

The children really enjoyed their time in the snow and are really looking forward to more snow in the future but are ready to get back to their learning now.




Class 1 and 2 have been doing Karate as part of PE for the past 6 weeks. They have all really enjoyed it so far and looking forward to the next few weeks.

Crucial Crew 2017!

On Tuesday 31st October year 6 went to Crucial Crew at Gresham Prep School. We left in the minibus just before lunch and traveled to Holt, when we arrived we were split into groups to do the different activities.

The different activities were run by the fire service, police, coastguards and St. Johns Ambulance. In total we did 9, 10 minute activities to help keep us safe in different situations.

‘My favourite activity was the fire safety one as we got experience what it was like to be in a fire and what we should do to help keep us safe.’

‘From doing all the different activities I now know how to act in different situations that might put me in danger.’

At the end of the day we all got given a certificate to show that we now know how to keep safe.

Year 6 Forest School Day!

Today year 6 got the chance to spend the whole day in Forest School as a treat for finishing their SATs. We all worked together to bring all the equipment over to Harrison’s wood. Before lunch we created survival para cord bracelets which were rather tricky but we came up with lots of new patterns and designs.

We did lots of cooking over in Forest School we made calzone pizzas, hot dogs, smores and orange cupcakes. Yum!

In the afternoon year 4 and 5 joined us and we created masks and reenacted the war that we have been learning about in class.

We had a lovely day in Forest School and it went way to quickly, thank you for a lovely day, here are some pictures!



Courage Awards!

For this half term our Christian value is courage, the children have been noticing when other children within the school show courage. We asked some of the class 3 children what they though courage was and this is what they came up with.

“Courage is persevering with your work and telling people when something is wrong even if you are scared.”

“Courage is pushing boundaries.”

“Courage is not giving up on what you are doing.”

These children received awards in assembly this week for showing courageous behaviour in school. We hope to see more courageous behaviour in the next few weeks.



Class 3’s Forest School Quest!

Today in Forest School Years 5 and 6 participated in a quest around the Forest School Woodland. We used stones with dots on in order to find out which direction we were going to travel around Forest School with a year 6 as our leader.  As the leader she had to pick a location on the map, the Unknown was chosen!


Before deciding if that was the right way to go we had to, on the count of three, point in the direction we though the unknown was.


Our journey took us to a new part of the woods that year 5 and 6 had never ventured into before. Those who had been selected to carry the parcels throughout the quest were now allowed to open them and this is what we found.


When asked about the new area of woods it was described as having a calm smell. The quote of this quest was, ‘Accept a challenge, take a risk.’

Blue Sky Federation Football Match

On Monday 12th December 2016 we held our first Federation match of the school year.


This time it was football, we had 1 5-a-side girls’ team and 1 7-a-side boys’ team from class 3, they played 3 matches each.

 The results were 13-11 to Erpingham! We had a great time at our first competition and can’t wait for the next one in January!